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About School


Anjuman –I- Islam’s Zubeida Talib Urdu Primary School, built twenty one years ago after one of the donor’s mother name ‘Zubeida Talib’, with a fore sight of developing the Muslim community in New Bombay. It was the first institution in New Bombay run by Anjuman – I- Islam, with nearly 200 students. Out of which there were 80 boys & 120 girls. Today we have grown to almost 1000 students & 30 teaching & non teaching staff. It was started with 20 to 25 students in each class with a single division. Now there are two divisions for each class with strength of more than 50 students. The structure of school building is a two storey building containing eight class rooms on each floor along with a library, laboratory & computer lab, separate toilets for both girls & boys, a staffroom & principal’s office. The school has a big playground. There is an open hall in stilt which is used for prayer & extra-curricular activities. Due to constant increase in school strength, additional classrooms are built in open hall in stilt.

The Head of the institution 
Mrs Khan Kaneez fatima Mohsin is a very dedicating & hardworking team leader, along with the magnificent team of teachers.

Re-plastering & painting work of the school building has been completed in the year 2011, painting of classrooms, corridor & stair case has to be done yet. The standard of school has been continuously increasing as teachers are being trained each year with latest technologies & skill in teaching to learn the modern teaching techniques which is the need of the modern generation as today’s children are nation’s future. Great care is taken to overcome the difficulties & problems faced by each child related to physical, mental & financial problems. Afternoon meal is also provided in school by the government. Several health checkup camps are also conducted by govt. such as providing spectacles, vaccines, hearing aid to children having listening problem etc.

Also free text books are provided to maximum students. Two students from our school are receiving scholarship from NMMC – Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation. Teachers in school perform their teaching with the help of attractive & interesting self made teaching aids to make their teaching more effective & lasting. There are more things that are happening & are going to happen in future, & it is impossible to pen down everything on paper, but a brief introduction is here for a glance of 1st & foremost institution of Anjuman – I – Islam in Navi Mumbai.